Snabby the Snail | 02/08/05

I think Snabby might be dead. I don't know for sure but aside from floating at the top, all the other pieces fit. Well no, now that I think about it, there's one other piece that doesn't fit--the massive amount of green algae covering the back of the tank is starting to disappear in huge quantities. While it's possible that Chris Rix, much like his namesake, might have decided to do well one night out of three hundred, I have to believe that Snabby has been working during the night. S/he hasn't moved all day, though and isn't tight in his/her shell either. That's a sign of death. I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

Today wasn't terribly stressful but I'm feeling tired anyway. Office Depot didn't have the new computer chair I wanted. Not that I would have (or even could have) paid $500 for it but I would like to sit in it before I buy it online for $300. And I know what you're thinking--$300 for a stupid computer chair?! Yes, that seems reasonable to me because I have to sit in the damn thing all day. From at least 7am-9am and again from 7pm-2am that's where my ass resides. Since my old one broke I have to sit in the ugly U-chair from World War II. Not that it's uncomfortable--quite the opposite but it's too low to be even with the screen and that's no good.

It seems like I keep getting more hits from international locations. The trend started about a week ago and now there's this influx from England, France, Turkey and the Ukraine. I knew Dr. Chomp was big over there but not this big. You also might be pleased to know this site is the #5 site on MSN for Yushenko. Thank you, thank you very much. I did see a disturbing hit for "how to kill my obese husband" but whatever. It's not like I have any tips on here. Sorry.

Since I haven't complained about Bank of American for a while, and I'm in a type-y mood, I figure now's a good time. I deposited a check on January 31st for some amount greater than $1000. They told me I'd have it on February 11th. What the hell is that? It takes almost two weeks to process it? It's from a Trust so I don't understand at all--it's not a personal check...and even if it was with the new system in place it shouldn't take more than a couple days tops. I know they have different rules for checks over a grand but come on. Oh, BoA, you're lucky I just ordered new checks from you or else I'd switch over to the Envision Credit Union (and get a free copy of TurboTax).

Finally, Jamie received her 3 month notice from her job. Some old woman wanted more hours so Jamie got the future-axe. That's not very fair is it? Who cares that the woman has been working there since before I was born--she can't send an email or type something in Word. And, more importantly, who wants to see some old hag at the front desk? I want my CPA to have 20-something coeds, not wrinkled up old bags.




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