Something's Gotta Give | 02/09/05

Something's gotta give. Working 12 hour days plus composing and editing on my "free" time are killing me. Mark asked me when the last time I had 72 hours straight free and it was July 2004. I really am doing my best to stay positive--not that you'll be able to glean it from this entry.

I suspect the City will be making me a full-time job offer within 30 days. I would have to quit my other job, of course, to take this. On top of this, I'm sure it would be a pay cut and a big one. At the same time, though, I would know what I would be doing day to day. My schedule would be the same day in and day out and there's something to be said for that. On the other hand, in my current freelance position I make a decent amount of money essentially to learn. AND I learn with mostly-flex hours. The problem is that the job becomes more aggravating every day. I try to establish a routine and it's immediately broken. The things I worked on today will be completely worthless on Friday. What makes it worse is that I then have to justify my researching now-worthless projects even though when I was doing them they were the only way to go. I will agree with my references that I work very well alone and unattended. However, that being left alone is still within the greater confines of knowing what I'm supposed to be doing and having some place to do it. I enjoy working from home on my nice computer but every two days I have something new to do. And I do and it's wrong. It's something like: Day 1, research dogs because cats are the worst animal ever. Day 2, research cats because an article from some far-off paper said dogs suck. Day 3, research puppies but not dogs, because we already know dogs suck. Day 4, research pheasants because anything with fur is now worthless. Day 5, defend research from days 1-4 now knowing only animals with beaks have any value. Adding to my current irritation are the problems with etymology. It has become apparent to me that certain terms in the English language have synonyms. Surprise! I'm pissed that it's 2am again and my day tomorrow starts for the 2nd month in a row in four hours.

What's the Euro's version of the 'cent'? Is it just the Euro Cent? Or like the Eurette? Euretta? I personally like the Eurette. Speaking of the Euro, my estimation the dollar would gain strength in the 1st fiscal quarter has been right so far. Now I just have to ensure its slump come April.




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