Atonal Quiz | 01/23/04

What an exciting day. I'm pretty damn sure I aced my Atonal quiz. Sure, I was up until 4am but man, ACED. The only problem was that at 4am I wasn't thinking rationally and set my alarm for 10am and we have class at 10:10. Jamie called me at 9:45am to wake me up, though, thank you Jamie! I ran to class, took the quiz and hung out at the SMT Bake Sale. They made at least $50 while I was there. One kid was a huge pig and ate a box full of treats and then came back for me. I practiced for a while, picked up my check and came home. Once home, I took a much needed nap and then Jamie and I went shopping. I bought a new hood for the aquarium after one of the lights died yesterday. It's really, really nice. We also filled up the tank with water. Upon doing this, three little orange fish started swimming around. It was three of the four little guys we thought had died last night! I have no idea where the hell they could have been hiding because we went through decoration by decoration but since they're only as big as a piece of gravel, I guess they just kept on the lam. The tank is the best its ever looked. Tomorrow I'm going to play some basketball and hopefully it'll be more than me and Dr. Buchler. Or just me :/




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