Crazy Old Man Jack | 02/11/05

When I got to work at 9:30am Kelly warned me Jack was in a bad mood and not at all pleased with my off-topic research (not that I was really aware that it was off-topic). When I finally sat down with him, though, he seemed to be nice enough about it and reset my course to where it needed to be. I met with the Agent at 10:32am. He had called at exactly 10:30am to make sure I was coming but my phone had no battery so I didn't find out about this until later. (We decided Chris should work for them: "Heeey, it's me. I thought we agreed on dinner at 7:00pm and it's now 7:03 so I'm not sure if you guys forgot or aren't coming...") It really wasn't as weird as I thought it would be. I admit that I did laugh a few times when I pictured Brian trying to do illicit drugs or trying to be bribed. Afterwards he told me that there are three levels of security: Classified, Secret & Top Secret. He started in a couple sentences describing what each one was before he caught himself and said only "Top Secret is big. World-big." I came home, took an accidental nap then went to job #2. After work I met with Jamie, Jara, Chris and Mike for some Olive Garden. There were these "adults" waiting outside with us singing Biz Markie's "Just a Friend". Wow, grow up already. At least don't to that around your kids. We were fortunate enough to sit at a table close to the mints so Jamie kept swiping them out of the basket. After dinner I came home and edited. And kept editing. The end is in sight, though. Hoorah. Oh, I also bought a new suckfish for the hospital tank (since it's right by the window and algae is everywhere) that Jamie named My Boyfriend.




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