Total Failure | 02/13/05

Honestly, I have no recollection what I did on Saturday. None. At all. Oh wait for it comes...

Jamie and I took a bunch of art to Michael's to get framed. While I couldn't get three of the many I brought in done, I did manage to get about ten others, including Dancing Flowers I-IV, which used to reside in my kitchen. Now they're happily adorning my bedroom wall. I spent the night doing more editing on my quickly self-destructing computer.

Sunday: My computer totally self-destructs. Since November IE and some other Microsoft programs weren't working but since I never used Internet Explorer I really didn't care. Today, though, I splurged and bought Norton 2005. Apparently installing it is the trigger for some MVC virus--the cause of the Microsoft failures. I started "fixing" things at 5pm and now, at 1:48am everything is finally fixed. I will be the first to admit that I am not a scholar by any means at fixing problems this severe but at the same time I wonder what people with even less knowledge than me would do. Would they be able to find the options in msconfig once the virus ensured they couldn't go online? The secret to my success was a virus removal program called AVG. Since the virus obviously disabled Norton as the the first thing I had to look elsewhere and AVG really came through for me.

We went to Petsmart this morning after Jamie's dad made us breakfast at his church and I rounded off my fish buying. The idiot salesguy didn't tell me anything about the clown knifefish I wanted. He, you know, might have mentioned that they will grow to 3' regardless of how small a tank you keep them in...and eat even the meanest cichlids. Oh well, mine is still a baby at 3" but apparently they grow about 6" a month until fully grown. So March 13th I'll have to address the problem. He might move into the cichlid tank downstairs provided all the other babies have grown a little (apparently they eat about 10 guppies a day at 18"). Oh well, I'll deal with that later. I also scored a couple rainbow sharks and a striped raphael (why can't they just call them catfish?).




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