Poker with Bob | 02/16/05

Why don't they fire more people? Like the moron in ISS at The City who brought our entire network down for almost a week. The story goes something like this: it's 2am and a policeman calls the guy in ISS on the night shift. The policeman is irritated his Yahoo Games aren't loading fast enough from the laptop in squad car. He asks the guy in ISS to disable his firewall so it'll load faster. <<<>>> After disabling the firewall for the entire City, a trojan is discovered, happily infecting the 500 people on our network. <<<>>>It's still there and that idiot still has his job.

Jamie and I went over to Bob's to play some poker last night. We squeezed in two games with me sneaking past Bob in a very fast first game and Jamie caving in to Warren (their new coworker) in the second. I was out on the first hand of the second game. The odds had to have been somewhere in the area of 95-5% in my favor going into the river but Bob got it and ensured my dealing the rest of the night. I did a similar thing to him in the first game though, but not for all the chips. Bob likes to keep things moving which is nice, since some of us have a tendency to poke along. I'm trying to get better and follow his lead but it's tough when $5 of your hard-earned money is on the line.

The NHL cancelled their season yesterday. Had it not been on ESPN at 2:30am I would not have known. Does anyone care? At all? In America?




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