Ditchy | 10/10/06

I think I'm over karate. I was afraid this day might come and I'm doubly afraid that is has. The slow moving of lessons and the obnoxious people I have to work with has formally taken its toll. I don't like the fact that young people, the people in middle and early high school, do not have to be as good to test and move up. I do not like having to work with them. I do not like that they inadvertantly hurt me because they don't know what they're doing and should be yellow belts. I do not like that we have to spar with black belts. I do not like the fact there is no class that is right for me. I don't like going to the Easy class because we never learn anything new and I don't like going to the Hard class because they look over purple belts to help people with higher rank. I really don't like the Killer Wednesday class because I truly believe the only reason to go is to get destroyed in the workout. I'm hoping things will change soon because I'm totally burnt out.




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