Introduction To Music Technology | 01/22/04

Today was not a good day. The first batch of OTTO accounts started to work but most students were still without any decent way to save. I know come Tuesday everything is going to get worse when people forgot which computers they were on today and freak out they can't find their work. I guess I'll just have to deal with on Tuesday. Both classes went smoothly enough, though, in large part to my stellar presentation on Led Zeppelin today. I wish I had used some between-slide effects but I didn't. I thought my reason was because some of the computers have Office 97 but even that lets you put some transitions in. I hope no one checked the sources on my citations page because I made them all up. I forgot to save the links so I just made up some random websites that looked like a) they had something to do with Led Zeppelin (e.g. or had so many random characters in it, they wouldn't be able to remember it (e.g."led%10zeppelin"frame set"$null(#*robert+pant)x(@$Jimmy+Page).cgi I hope no one caught on. I guess it's pretty obvious, though, if you know anything about it. cgi? What was I thinking? Anyway, I ate lunch with Bryan Richards today and we swapped childhood car-driving stories. I came home for about two minutes before going to Music Bibliography. I found out we didn't have a quiz today, thank you Glord. I was about to fall asleep when I was called on. Somehow I was able to eek out an answer to a question about the purpose of topic sentences Jeopardy style "What is something that tells you the topic of later sentences?" I went home for a short hour after class returning to go back to Music of the Caribbean. Class was less boring today because an argument broke out over who supported slavery. I was about to call this one girl a modern day slaver but she obviously already had some "ins" with the professor so I decided against it. She was obnoxious. I don't think anyone in the class was advocating slavery but (according to most white, Eurocentric textbooks) slavery happened. I'm sorry. My family just moved here a couple generations ago. I personally had nothing to do with it. This girl, though, insisted anyone of white skin color was at least partially responsible. I took offense to this but I let one of the rational black guys in the class do it for me. She looked really stupid when he was done and I did a little dance in my seat. After class I went to rehearsal and then another rehearsal. When I came home, Jamie left me some new fish as a surprise--all little orange guys. After releasing them, I fed the other fish and I started work on my arrangement of Hey Ya for the last concert. About twenty minutes later we noticed all the orange ones were gone. It seemed impossible to us that my other fish could have eaten them all so quickly so we decided to check the huge filter. What a mistake. For some reason, I thought breaking the airlock would stop the rush of water. Apparently this filter isn't just a vacuum filter, it's also a siphon filter. Rather than trying to stop further damage, we tried to clean up what had already happened since I was anticipating the water would stop rushing out. About 5-8 gallons later, I finally just yanked the whole thing apart. Upon taking the filter apart to fix it, we discovered no less than 3 full fish corpses and at least six miscellaneous parts and about 40-4000 lbs of just random fish guts. After dry heaving a lot and trying to talk Jamie into getting a real man to be part of a three-way relationship, she sucked it up and cleaned everything up while I gagged into my bandana. After a good half hour, everything was working again. Sadly, during this time there were cookies in the oven which almost caught on fire by the time we remembered they were there. I need to get down to studying for my Atonal quiz tomorrow. I was so caught up in Hey Ya that I lost track of the time. I think the piece will be a HUGE hit at the concert, though. I still need to find another classical piece to arrange in my "free" time. Leon High School is going to be doing a lot of my pieces and (more importantly) giving me big bucks. Now, it is time to go to sleep. I mean study.




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