Raphael | 02/23/05

Despite only getting a couple hours of sleep last night I was able to show off the three sample sites I created with no major problems. They were met with pleased looks but the whole time I was thinking how ugly they were in comparison to what they would look like if I had enough time to prepare things as in the past. Even the old stand-by, the hand-lettered whiteboard made a good case for itself. With all the new web site stuff going on Jerry took my support group research. I feel bad about dumping it off but with only a 30 hour work week (for that job) I just ran out of hours.

I apparently looked like I had been up all night by the time I dragged myself into City Hall. Apparently Ken's replacement, this guy named Raphael, went around the office telling everyone that I suck at prepping files because I taped over staples. What the hell dude, you've been there barely a week and a half. That's not good a good way to make friends, especially after I shared my story about my departing shots at my last temp job--I can really make your job a lot harder, you know. I certainly could appreciate some individual criticism but don't talk about me unless you've got something nice to say. Remember buddy, talk all you want but everyone there knows I get more done in five-six hours a day than you do in eight.

My boss at the City told me if I needed to take some time off to let her know. I admit that I'm really feeling the burnout now. With my duties ending in a little more than a month with the City, I'd really prefer to not take any time off between now and then because I want to make sure we have everything done by April 1st. I'm not sure where this horrible loyalty came from--my emails still Mike C (The Temp) and I have no delusions about having a more important job than pulling out staples. Oh well, they're good people. Well, not the new guy but he'll get his.




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