Another Job Hunt | 03/01/05

And thus starts another job hunt. Am I the most optimistic person on the planet--of course not. But I'm a generally happy guy. I enjoy doing things. I certainly don't sit around and mope. Yet things have quickly eroded to that point and the only reason I can cite is my boss, Jack. My work at the City is going well, although today I found out my boss-boss Helen, is applying for the same job the big-boss, Gail, told me to apply for. I'm certainly not one for self-deprecation but Helen is great and really should get the job before me. If she did get it, then her job would be open and I would certainly apply for it. The problem is in that situation, we're looking at three months and I don't have that kind of time.

Why don't I have that kind of time? Because Jack's negativity and general disrespectfulness of others is taking too great of a toll on me. Today he sent out a slanderous email which enraged me. I only got a CC of it but it was the effect that I was not doing what he wanted. It's unfortunate that he has no idea what he wants. Because if he did, I would do it. And God knows I'm trying to do what he wants but that's just not good enough. On one hand I'm sad for him. His friendships are forced and most of the people he considers friends are merely paid associates. If he had the amount of money that I do saved in the bank, he would be really alone. On the other hand, he is so hateful and proud of his skills in blackmailing that I loathe having to hear what he does to people. Not that these other people really care, of course, because they just blow him off and surely have a good laugh or two later. I do not think he's near the point of firing me but I do know he's ready to give his blog development (and that's it--he just wants a simple, stupid little blog) to a firm in D.C. that will cost 1/3 of what I make annually. The problem is that he knows just enough to be dangerous. He has no idea that we are no longer in the beginning phases of the internet. He insists that it's going to be the next big thing when it's already there. This isn't 1995 and Yahoo didn't just come out. That phase is over but he can't see that. And because he can't see that his ideas are so warped and confused that he will never accomplish any of the things he wants to. Compounding the matter is that he just flat-out won't listen. I feel especially bad for my distinguished co-worker Jerry. Simply put, I think Jerry is the best. Jack wants Jerry to organize this discussion that will bring together the pro-life and the pro-choice sides using this book from about 20 years ago. Personally, I think it's a great idea and I agree with the writing in full. However, the baptists that hand me cards on the street telling me I'd better get my white ass into a church are not going to accept that life does not begin at conception. And that says nothing for the liberal side that feels women should have the right to choose whenever they want. Jerry tries to articulate this to him time and time again and Jack just won't listen.

Long story long, I sent out a dozen job applications today and will be applying for the job at City Hall as well.




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