Job Description | 03/03/05

Good morning, Mike,

You can just e-mail a resume to me at this point. It would be good if you could submit it to me no later than tomorrow morning.

We would like to have someone start before the end of March, but realize we may need to be flexible with the starting time.

Following is the job description for the position:

Primarily responsible for analytical efforts related to legislative issues affecting universities, federal activities, and special projects. Conducts selected research projects and policy analyses. Formulates, assesses, and makes recommendations regarding policy issues. Handles sensitive information.

Research and Policy Analysis

* Conducts background research and makes recommendations based on research and analysis of data

* Interprets procedures, rules, regulations, and laws pertaining to education policy

* Analysis of proposed legislation dealing with selected education policy issues

BOG Liaison with Legislative Staff, Executive Branch, Board of Governors, State Board of Education, and other External Entities

* Represents Chancellor and Vice Chancellor in meetings with external entities for selected policy issues

* Assists the Vice Chancellor in the development and dissemination of selected policy initiatives


* Performs related work as required to ensure highest level of performance and quality of information disseminated

* Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor

* Develops and coordinates needed information and data for all commissions, boards and committees on which the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor serve

Policy making and/or interpretation responsibilities

* Assists Vice Chancellor in interpreting policy in areas of responsibility and in the development and dissemination of policy initiatives. If applicable, serves as a member of system wide and state committees/councils and represents Chancellor and Vice Chancellor as directed. Handles sensitive and confidential information.

Program direction and development responsibilities (Provides leadership, management, and direction with emphasis on increasing efficiency in areas of responsibility). Provides analysis of systemwide and institutional administrative procedures and special studies, and presents results to the appropriate parties



That's it? Those are the only responsibilities I'd have? Well sign me up, Chomp!




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