Garden State Sucks | 03/06/05

Man these weeks go by fast. Who knew that having two jobs, a girlfriend, pets and a lucrative dabbling in composing would keep me so busy? Here's the weekend low-down.

Friday: Jamie and I watched Garden State. Matt and Jamie both said it was really good and I had to see it. It was fair. Nothing to write home about, though. I'm not sure why everyone said it was weird--it's not like there were parts you couldn't follow.

Saturday: Jamie and I took a spontaneous trip to Destin to go to the Outlet Mall. On the way there I picked up my new eBay purchase from the post office. The Outlet Mall was ok--better than the one I got dragged to in Saint Augustine. I was finally able to buy some more cologne (since I ran out about two months ago) but aside from that I only bought a couple new shirts, nothing particularly exciting. When we got back we broke in my new toy, a Playstation 2. Jamie kicked my ass in NCAA Football 2003 and I was a terrible loser. It was decided that I would have to play as the University of Florida and it was no surprise that I lost 40-12. In the second match I took Tennessee and avenged myself, though.

Sunday: I went to work at City Hall this morning then met with Jerry to discuss some marketing work he's doing. With both Georgio's and Manna closed we settled on TGIF and stayed for about three hours. It went by fast and he enamored me with his previous work as well as some ideas he had for the new company. I know I say this at least once a week but Jerry is the best. After lunch I went back to City Hall and stayed until about 5:30. I found out there is trouble in paradise: Helen is unhappy and wants to leave. I can understand her frustration but it still makes me sad. I'm sure she'll do well wherever she goes but I pictured our division as a happy little segment, free from the typical office worries. Gail (our boss-boss) told me a little about the situation and I'm glad that even though we're not longer a utopia everyone is being honest and upfront with each other as well as maintaining a proper amount of respect. With only three weeks left I'm not sure if we'll get the project done. If we don't I'm going to be pissed. God knows I'm not there to rake in moolah. I just wanted to see the project out. I blame the new temp, of course. He only realized on Friday there was a pre-scan option that makes things go a heck of a lot faster. Too bad he didn't figure that out three weeks ago. I know what you're saying--why didn't I just tell him. Well, for starters I didn't know he didn't know. Additionally, he calls me Mikey. I hate being called Mikey. Oh, give it to Mikey, he'll eat anything. I can count one on hand the number of things I'll eat: chicken, beef, pork, potatoes, super pretzels. Oh well, looks like I'll have to up my weekend hours to make sure it gets done. That sucks but once it's done I'll feel pretty damn good. Hella-good if you will.




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