The Town Is Mine | 03/07/05

You call that a storm? That's it?

Work #1 and Work #2 both were fine and relatively uneventful. I took a little nap around 7pm so I could stay up late to keep working.

It's funny what's on TV now. Lots of Girls Gone Wild advertisements. There was a girl from the steel band that made it into one of those videos. When I was in college my buddy Don tried to order one but it never came. It's commercials like that that remind me why I do not want kids. How horrible would it be to be a father seeing your kid on one of those? Pretty horrible.

Today was also the first day of FSU's Spring Break. It's nice having the town essentially to myself. Too bad the legislature starts up again tomorrow. That means a bunch of asshole lawyers taking up my booths in restaurants and walking across streets without looking.




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