Inflated Gouramis | 01/21/04

Today I am mourning the loss of my second fish from the original tank. Both of my gouramis somehow became inflated and died. The first one died a few days ago and the second one died today. The both were fat. If you've never seen a fat fish, it looks weird. Like they swallowed an egg whole. I haven't scooped him yet because I'm too sad. I had the two of them for a year and a half. No one ever dies in that tank!

Atonal was fine today. It's the only class that I have yet to fall asleep in even though it's my earliest class. After class I came home and studied for my Bibliography test tomorrow. I then went to the dog park and some woman said she heard Chompy whining. What an idiot. Chompy was holding another dog by its face and the other dog cried. This dried up hag somehow managed to completely lose the direction of the sound. What a moron. She had a huge Doberman/Rottweiler mix so I thought it best not to punch her. We were only there for about six minutes because Jamie had to go to a Refuge House meeting. Tonight I studied more for my test and wrote Dr. Olsen and email regarding my possible status as director next year. I also created a new powerpoint presentation for a class demonstration tomorrow. Like my older one, it's called: Led Zeppelin: The Greatest Band Ever. On some down time I watched a little American Idol. On the show I heard the greatest line ever: "her coach says she's got one of the highest E's he's ever heard". Whoa, I thought, people can now only sing in octaves. I'm sure her E is WAY higher than mine. Judging by her audition, though, I think he was secretly backhanding her intonation, which was decidedly sharp the whole time. I wish I had a digital camera so I could document the number of fries each time I get the drive-through at McDonald's. Within the week, I imagine receiving an empty container. Hmm, there was something else on my mind and I can't remember it. Oh well. Maybe I'll be crowned director via email tomorrow. Oh, I remember now. I wrote a letter to my long-lost high school friend today. Typed it actually. I hope I have the gall to mail it because it isn't very nice. The 1200th hit the site was last night. Good work me!




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