Steve Coming To Town | 03/08/05

In one week Steve will make his annual pilgrimage to Tallahassee. It sounds like one of my neighbors is either racing RC cars or vacuuming right now. It's 2:18am. Man, I really lost my concentration.

Against my better judgment I've been spending a lot of time working on Jack's site. He wanted one done asap and has started emailing other people for their code. Of course no one is going to give it to him so I figure I might as well just do one so once he hears that we're going to have to just suck it up and build one from scratch I'll already be done. Well, not done done--he still has not given me any content. Unless two emails count. Emails that were not proofread at all and would make only the most fundamental sense to a casual reader. But whatever. I can't help but wonder if I'm going to be responsible for writing the content. You wouldn't think so, since I have no experience to his decades of work but I don't think he's going to keep his end of the bargain--writing me a daily entry to upload. Ignoring the fact there is no content for the site I'm probably a little over halfway done with the first working model, not too bad for the first week. I'm only three hours away from my weekly limit so I'm going to have to stop if he wants to meet on Friday. Truth be told, I hate working with limited hours. Once you're in a rhythm you can work for hours at a time and breaking it up to keep track of the clock lowers your ability to put cohesive chunks together.

I got a call for an interview doing graphic design part-time. I don't consider myself horribly talented in this area but my portfolio must have been at least a solid six out of ten. Like anything else if they're willing to look past a masters degree in music I'll gladly spend the time developing my skills. It's weird to think back to the beginning of January when I thought on April 1st Jack would move me to 40 hours a week. I really don't like the idea of splitting my time between more than one job but I do like paying off my loans in triple installments so I think I might just have to suck it up a while longer.




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