CPA Appointment | 03/09/05

Why bother with little square pillows? A good couch (old futon) needs something more. Something along the lines of full sized bed-pillows. So that's what I got. I like to nap on my couch--my bed is too permanent. After getting the pillows I got some coffee and some disgusting chicken dumpling soup from Crispers. Adding to the experience was the fact they gave me a faulty lid. I didn't realize this of course until I was driving down Monroe street with a pint of piping hot coffee running down my shirt. If you've never had the experience of being scalded with coffee, let me fill you in. I know now why that woman sued McDonald's. The difference between her and I, though, is: I knew it was hot and I should have checked the lid. Despite knowing those things, it didn't help the situation at the time. I knew I should have changed into bum-around clothes after work. But no, I had to still be wearing all my nice stuff. With all of my kind-of-nice clothes dirty I had to step up today into the nice-nice. So naturally it was the perfect day for this to happen. I spent about an hour trying to get the stains out but I won't know for sure until everything goes in and out of the washer.

Tomorrow I have a CPA appointment to discuss my massive wealth and ways to ensure W spends as little of it on people like Brian as possible.




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