Spring Training | 03/11/05

I have been informed my tirades about work have become tiresome. Fine. For a while now I have been following Abraham Lincoln's model of writing angry letters (emails) and not sending them. I have a lot of them now and was considering posting them with the names removed but that would kind of defeat the purpose of not sending them. We'll see.

Chris and Mike came over to recount their trip to the Big Apple and to whip Jamie and my collective ass in Taboo.

Spring Training has finally worked itself into more interesting games and I'm really excited that baseball season is right around the corner. I'm nervous for the Cubs. I don't really understand some of the decisions they made the in off-season. I was all for trading Sosa but, while I'm glad he's gone, we really got a terrible deal. And we had to pay for him to play for the Orioles. That's usually not good. His replacement might be a better teammate but he's old and slow. Kerry Wood is hurt again and, just like last year, they say it's "no big" deal but I'm onto their lies. He'll be out until the All-Star break and then he'll go 6-10 with an ERA above 4.00. Oh well.

I found that picture in a folder I was cleaning out. My dad took it--it's from his prize-winning flower bed.




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