Hunting and Gathering | 03/12/05

I spent my afternoon tracking down some articles that came in at the library. I ended up having to go to FSU and it was weird. Even though it's only been a year since I'd been on campus I felt very out of place. I can't help but feel like I really missed out on some things in undergrad. What's weird is that I can't quite put my finger on what those things were. It's not like I didn't have fun--I had a great time. I have lots of good stories; more than most people but still. Oh well, nothing I can do now.

Jamie and I watched Misery last night after seeing the Scariest Moments in Movie on Bravo on Friday night. It was good and Kathy Bates definitely deserved her Academy Award for Best Actress but on the whole it wasn't earth-shakingly good. It was the opposite of Deliverance where the small-town locals are terrible smart and dedicated to helping the urbanites (you know, instead of sodomizing them).

I'm still sore from playing tennis a few days ago. I thought there'd be some poker this weekend but that didn't happen. Bummer. I have to pay my FICA and Federal taxes this month. 25.3% of my income. I need to stop voting for liberals.




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