A Week Of Updates | 03/18/05

What a busy week. I know what you're thinking--you're busy every week, why no updates this week? Well, let me tell you. It's been especially busy. I'll make up for it right now with a mega-long update. Don't read it all at once--it'll be long.

With Jack out of town all week, Monday was lacking the usual stressfulness. My usual duties at the City changed from staple pulling to doing IT things, possibly to see how I would function in the new job they have opening as the liaison between the Treasurer Clerk and the IT department. The paperless project is nearly complete. Like, a couple more days away complete. It's still hard for me to believe that I've worked longer for the City than the State.

On Tuesday Steve came into town and I had an interview at the Real Estate School. I like the guy I'd be working for and I have a lot of respect for the work he's putting out right now. I think I could learn a lot with him. The atmosphere seems laid-back enough and everyone there seemed genuinely friendly. That's never, ever a bad thing. I picked up Steve from the airport, quickly deemed his clothes unacceptable, bought him some new ones, went to Publix to get food and then we grilled out. Jamie came over to eat but the steak we bought wasn't as good as the last time. Oh well.

On Wednesday I went over to Jack's to install FrontPage 2003 so Kelly and Zack could do content updates themselves. I went to work at City Hall while Steve did stuff for school and played with Chompy. I came home, worked for a while on Jack's stuff then settled in for Longhorn Steakhouse and Playstation, where my beloved Seminoles whomped everyone Steve chose to play with.

On Thursday I went back over to Jack's to teach Kelly and Zack the nuances of the programs. I take for granted that I know all the steps and I while I completely agree in principle that people should be cross-trained, going through all the steps of this is not as easy as teaching someone how to pull staples from packets of paper. I told them both just to email me things and I'd put them up as they finished them. I met with Jerry and Gloria at Paradigm for lunch and we discussed some ideas for a new project. I had never been to Paradigm before but I was pleased with sandwich. The metal chairs could have used some padding, though. After lunch I walked back over to City Hall in the rain to resume my online research and other odds and ends. Once home, I did some more stuff for Jack and then Steve and I got some Chick Fil-A before we cleaned up for poker night. Kelly ("The Bank") joined Jamie, Steve and me for some dealing and I lucked my way into winning both games. The first game was fast as I knocked people out but the second one took a while since everyone was winning pretty evenly. $30 richer, it was bed time.

Today Steve and I met up with Jamie at Gordo's for the absolute worst service known to man. On the bright side, the entire cast of West Wing was at the table next to us. This group didn't have a 30-years-younger version of Martin Sheen but everyone else was there. The Josh and Donna clones were dead on too. It took nearly an hour and a half for us to get our three sandwiches and leave. Before lunch Steve and I went to the Tasty Bakery and to see if we could get our hands on NCAA Football 2004 so he could play the mighty FSU team in Macomb as the highly-touted Western Illinois Leathernecks. After lunch Jamie took Steve and I to the College of Social Work at the stadium and we made our way up to press room where Steve had a clear view of Bobby Bowden Field at Doak Campbell Stadium at the Florida State University. After thoroughly impressing him with BBFaDCSaFSU we came back home to try our new game It didn't work so I had to settle for whipping him again in 2003. After I took him to the airport I came home and started to work on stuff for Jerry.

I guess that wasn't that long. Back to normal updates again tomorrow.




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