UWM vs Illinois | 03/22/05

When I was growing up I dreamt about the day my precious Fightin' Irish of Notre Dame would defeat the Evil Illini of my parents in some sort of sports showdown. With a high school grade point hovering in the 2's it was no surprise that Our Mother did not welcome me with open arms. As reality set in I knew this showdown would probably never happen. Even at the sports mecca of FSU, I doubted the orange and blue would be trotting in Doak in my lifetime. But oh ho!

My beloved UWM Panthers have made my dream come true. It's weird to see our tiny little campus on TV. There are no cool buildings or hot coeds but nonetheless we're all over ESPN. The only thing standing in our way from a new 24-7 ESPNUWM channel is my parents' alma mater. The #1 team in the country. The team that made it through the season with all of one loss. As with the first two games of the tournament, UWM is the enormous underdog. I read all the nasty things the Boston College players were saying on the court to our guys during the game. They weren't very nice--at all. I guess they'll have time to think of more clever things as they watch the rest of the tournament from their cushy Boston apartments. With BC joining the ACC next year I now have new reason to hate them. With UWM crushing them in basketball and FSU crushing them in football that's going to make me feel pretty good. One my roommates from college went to BC for grad school. It's not even a University! It's a college! We have a College of Social Work!

Anyway, back to Illinois. So UWM is 10.5 underdogs. Big deal. Who cares if the game is being played in Illinois. I wish I could go so I could boo the Illini. Not that I really have anything against them. But it's their goal to end our Cinderella season so for the next three days I will have to not half-assedly root for them. And should they win, well, then I'll have to hate them forever. Sorry mom.




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