Terri Schiavo | 03/23/05

Let me die.

If my brain is not functioning, let me die. I don't care if I'm at the lowest level of consciousness or if I'm brain dead--if I'm not going to be able to think at my normal level let me die. I want everyone else to move on and I know damn well they can't do it with me hooked up to some machine pumping gruel into my belly.

Don't get me wrong--I love me and I want me to be around a good long time. I would never kill myself and I'd be pretty upset if someone killed me. However, if I can't function then what's the point of living? To smile at my family? I don't think so. Now before you get all excited about pulling my plugs, if I'm not brain dead or severely retarded you had better keep filling me with gruel. Lop off my arms or do whatever you have to do if my brain is in tact. Will it be horrible to recover? Hell yes it will be. But if the mind is fine, then I'll figure something out.

The people driving around Tallahassee in the DON'T KILL TERRI van need to realize that by keeping her alive, three people who could be doing wonderful things for themselves and others are not living. Let those three live for God's sake.

Additionally, why are the Republicans, that have no problem sending fully functional people to die across the ocean, wasting my tax dollars to keep someone who has no concept of the living world alive?




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