XP Pro | 03/24/05

Well, that wasn't very good. UWM was crushed by the Illini; or so I heard. Of course they didn't show the game down here except for little chunks. We had the Louisville / Washington game instead. I don't know how they decided to choose that one for us. Gee---watch the #1 team in the country battling a severe underdog with lots of good story lines...or...watch the most-predicted upset in the tournament.

My penultimate day at City Hall was ok. I got a big assignment to complete in two days--where was this at the beginning of the week so I could have taken my time and done a good job? Tomorrow they're taking me out to lunch. I'm not sure where we're going to go but hopefully everyone will agree. I also found out they're keeping the other temp for two more weeks. I won't really miss my actual job there (nor the "pay") but I will miss having a parking spot whenever I need to go downtown and hearing crazy stories about people doing really stupid things.

We also got our tickets for the upcoming FSU football season. We got ours with Ricky and Tami since they had theirs last year and it's fun to go with people you know. With the yellow section (single game tickets) in between us (red) and the students (blue) I feel a lot better about being able to sit down when I want. I don't want those brats sneaking over and spilling beer all over the place. The nice thing about football games is that you get to, for a mere four hours, be friends with people that you would totally make fun of and visa-versa.

I also installed Windows XP Pro so I can start doing more ASP than just writing it and hoping it works.




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