The Usual Suspects | 03/26/05

I'm not sure which one it was. Both have strong evidence against them. Could it be the poor track record of Abby--the same dog who has left 30' streaks of pee on my floor and has also left pools of urine in people's beds--even recently? Or was it Chompy--clearly the more vindictive of the two. Was she mad that she was left in the house when we went outside to jump Jamie's car? Regardless of the guilty party, there was still a huge amount of poop on the floor next to my bed.

Chris and I went to Tallahassee Nurseries for our Little Green Babies project. We bought a ton of new plants and painstakingly planted them in boxes in my kitchen. I foolishly did not listen to him regarding how much top soil we needed so I now have 120 lbs of it left over on my kitchen floor. At a dollar a bag it wouldn't be worth driving across town to bring it back (with the gas prices now over $2.25/gal.) and I couldn't dump it out in my backyard with the torrential rains we had so it's still sitting in the kitchen. Hanging out, waiting for a good home. So if you live in the greater Tallahassee area and need some top soil just let me know




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