Happy Easter | 03/27/05

Happy Easter. It appears all of our Little Green Babies survived their first couple storms. As long as we got some serious sun in the next couple days I think we'll be in good shape.

I went over to Jamie's parents' house for Easter dinner--I had some spicy mustard on my ham for the first time and mmm, mmm. The potatoes were made by a friend of Jamie's dad who makes the deserts for Cafe Cabernet and even with cheese they were pretty good. After dinner we settled in for a "friendly" game of Texas Hold 'Em. Did I feel bad about knocking out Jamie, her parents and her sister after they invited me over? Maybe a little. Keeping with my usual theme of "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" I forked over all my chips to Jamie's sister's husband. I even pulled a Ricky on it, making sure I had about 90% of the chips before giving them away. Why do I always finish 2nd!!!!

Jara came over to my house after poker to watch Desperate Housewives and Jamie followed behind afterwards. I was happy that after over a month it was on again. I had forgotten a couple of the plot lines put was generally pretty happy with it. Most importantly, it's on again next week. Once my PHP gets a smidge better I'll redo the DH page and make it interactive.




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