Just A Thought | 03/30/05

Look. I know this isn't a new idea at all. I'm sure hundreds of people have said this before me but I don't care.

I was watching a rerun of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire last night night. The guy doesn't know which one produces pollen in a a flower, a pistil or a stamen. First off, this question is fourth grade but that's not the point--I'll forgive him for not knowing it. He had already used his 50/50 to eliminate Root and Leaf. I hate it when that happens. He calls his friend, a high school biology teacher. He reads her the question and she waits until about 5 seconds left before saying "Stamen". He quickly asks how sure she is and she says "50/50" right before the call ends.

If you're the phone a friend, is there anything worse you could say? Obviously just by picking SOME answer you must have a leaning making it at least 51/49. Saying you're 50% sure about anything with two options is pointless on this show. Had he called me, I would have said, I'm .0001% sure it's pistil. Then, he would have thought through it,correctly answered "stamen" and I'd be both a clever boy AND a hero.




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