The Nature Conservatory | 03/31/05

I'm not sure where Brian went. His blog hasn't been updated for a while and I haven't seen any hits from "The Nature Conservatory". This picture was the random one selected from his calendar. What is it? A cat? A llama? An alpaca? Honestly until right now I thought it was an old, ugly cat. And it still might be. But now that I really stare into the deep doe eyes I think it might be something else.

I spent the day doing work (surprise, surprise). Chris came over around 10:15pm and we went to that coffee place in the strip mall across from Publix. I'm not sure if Chris noticed but I think the couple sitting at the table to our left was making fun of us. I'm not sure why, though. Sure he was a frat guy but his nose made Jimmy Durante's look like mine. I should have just kicked his ass right there. I'm sure Chris has my back...again. Right?


Karie (Unknown)

ugly cat lol

lizzy (Unknown)

oh my gosh i feel bad for that cat



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