1000 Visitors | 01/19/04

I must admit, that although I got a lot done, I didn't really do anything that was on any lists. The things I got done were kind of miscellaneous errands and cleanings and whatnot. I had a leisurely wake-up around 10am and ate nothing. This afternoon I went out to do some stuff with Kathy and we both spent a bit of bread at Frame Of Mind, a horribly overpriced frame store. I framed a picture I got in Uruguay that (because of its awkward size) I had been putting for, well like two years. After that we went to Home Depot and Michael's and I bought some little things. I ate a couple roast beef sandwiches for dinner and tonight we watched the single worst movie of all time. Bring It On should be somehow banned. Take Dude Where's My Car and give it some serious moments. I know it's one of Jamie's favorite movies and I guess it could have been worse (hermaphrodite cheerleaders) but it was not good. If nothing else, though, at least it was short and whoever directed it at least took the length into consideration. The big Mas N' Steel site hit its thousandth visitor today. It was someone from the Netherlands. Tonight I wrote my guest entry for my friend Brian's web page. I was trying to figure out today who keeps visiting from Level3 Communications.

Since my entry was boring tonight here are some fun links:

From Brian: Holy Water

From Jamie: "strange but amazing"




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