Longhorn Sucks | 04/10/05

Man, the Longhorn Steakhouse sucked for the first time. I'm not sure our waitress was retarded or the "chefs" in the kitchen were. My "medium" steak was, as my brother used to say, BK--burnt (to a) krisp. I don't remember how the hell that came about. Anyway. The cut of meat looked and tasted like it was a center cut of brain. I invited the waitress to taste it but she said it looked "gross and overcooked". After being mean to Chris, we went to Cool Grindz. Once sufficiently caffeinated, Chris and I parted ways from Michael and Jamie and would up at Tallahassee Nurseries. It was a relatively cheap trip--only $36. We came back here and potted the new plants. Chris went home, I cleaned up all the dirt I had spilled then took a nap.

I picked up Jamie for the Mas N' Steel concert around 7:45. We sat in the very center, third row. The Korean Ensemble was first and they were pretty cool except the two guys in the group (one especially) was terrible. I'd try to describe it but you had to be there--it was the most embarrassing individual performance I'd ever seen in any venue. The best part was when he had to play the ching (gong) and he was holding it so tightly with his other hand I don't think it would have made a sound if Godzilla had struck it. You dumbass.

Mas N' Steel played really well. The lower pans...wow. It was weird to hear all the non-leads being so good with such a weak lead section. But as long as the triples are loud, that's all I care about personally. The passion is still missing but as far as the notes go, they were much better rehearsed than we ever were. Jeff's solos still kind of annoy me. He's got chops, definitely but his chromatic runs get old fast. When did they outlaw playing linear passages? Oh that's right, Spring 2004. Chris has really come a long way with his solos. It seems like just yesterday he adamantly refused and now he's soloing on every piece. Matt's were...Matt Flynn. A concert without Matt Flynn's solos would be like going to see Lynyrd Skynyrd where they didn't play Freebird.

After the concert Jamie, Matt and Jara came over to hang out and watch the taped version of Desperate Housewives. Jara's only here ten more days and her going-away party is going to be Friday at my house. 8:30pm.




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