Brian Urified | 01/18/04

Brian Uri inhabited my body today. I can think of no other explanation for the amount of stuff I got done. My day started Mike enough, though. I woke up around 12:30 ate "breakfast" with Jamie and watched some TV. Then something inexplicable happened. I got things done. Lots of them. First, Jamie and I finally made good on our birthday/graduation present to Chris in the form of a pet turtle, complete with tank, gravel, food and other turtlesque supplies. We first went to Petland, a store I didn't know existed down here. My God, they have so many fish I want. No more of this PetCo baby-cichlid stuff. I'm going for the 2-year old behemoths that currently reside in the Petland tanks. After that, we ran to Karol's Kritters where we got the turtle. Maybe I'm just a cheap bastard, but I would have been fine getting the $8 turtle at Petland. Jamie, though was insistent upon getting the really expensive one from Karol's Kritters. I must say, however, that this is a very attractive turtle. We temporarily named him Speedy but Chris had already decided upon the name Abner (he now has a turtle with sweet turtle-abs). After that, we flew to PetCo and got the rest of the needed supplies. Oh! At Petland I bought a 10 gallon "hospital" tank for when my cichlids are fighting (constantly). It was only $6. Hooray for clearance sales. I didn't get anything special for it--no filters or anything but hopefully it won't be used very frequently. After PetCo, we came back to my apartment and went to Chris' apartment. He liked the turtle (we suspect) so I don't think there's any hope of me getting him back. We then had a terrible dinner at Olive Garden. Everything was bad except for the raspberry lemonade. We decided to call and complain. They gave us some sort of Olive Garden Coupon or at least said they'd mail me one. After that, Jamie dropped me off at the library where I was able to complete all of my bibliography homework. I just have to type it up tomorrow and it'll be all good. I came home and rebuild the bookshelf in my bedroom. This was a project I've been putting off for well over a year but now that it's done I can't believe how good it looks and how much cleaner the rest of my room looks around it. I added a statistic counter to the main Mas page too. Someone from New York checked us out today. If it's you, Brian McIntosh, hello. If not, well, thanks for coming. While Jamie and I built that shelf we watched the Led Zeppelin DVD set. My God, John Bonham is the best drummer to ever live. Kill yourself now Dave Matthews and other want-to-be-cool bands. Led Zeppelin is the greatest band of all time. And since I have seven years of college and a handful of degrees I can back it up, baby.




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