Ricky's Bachelors Party | 04/16/05

Around noon I left for Panama City Beach for Ricky's bachelor's party. I was already a day late so I missed all the debauchery from the previous night. I didn't get too lost and made it in about two hours. Since I couldn't find anyone I took a little nap and then hit the beach. A couple hours later I caught up with the group and we sat on the patio and watched these two retarded kids throw sand into each other's eyes while their expensive boogie-boards floated into the ocean. We assumed they were left alone with such expensive toys because their mom was up on the 15th floor banging some dude.

For dinner they seated five us at a table roughly the size my mouse. The waitress also spilled water down my back but hey--it's a party! Bob and Kathy's condo is really nice and there was no beating the view. Better start saving my pennies. I should probably replace my futon first, though...




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