A New Website Project | 04/20/05

See, that's the problem with demos. You want someone to say "Yes, I like the big picture concept, now go make it happen" or "No, I don't like the big picture concept, go back to the drawing board" when they want to see something closer to a finished product to be able to judge the big picture. But that's impossible. Not that the presentation went badly but the changes are either enormous or things that need to be worried about in a few months not right now. What's funny is that it seemed a good number of the comments were centered around adding more pizzazz. When you've got a page full of tables working with old graphics that pixelate at the slightest resize, things aren't going to be heart-stopping. Sorry. I've got some more modernist ideas but they might be too much.

I went over to Nancy's again to finish documenting her music. I really like her a lot. You wouldn't think that a 25 year old guy and an 82 year old woman would have much to talk about but the time passes by quickly and I wish more of my duties for Jack involved her. Did I mention that her art is crazy-good?

Happy Birthday Ab!




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