Sports Entry | 04/21/05

It's been a while since I did a sports entry so here goes. My beloved Cubs are not doing so hot. There was a time a few years ago when I foolishly thought the Cubs had made a permanent turn for the better. They were spending money and actually having winning seasons. Stupid, stupid me.

I have this fantasy that all our pitchers could be healthy at once. Too bad it's just a fantasy. You foolishly spent $8 million this year for Nomar (pictured left) to fall down and grab himself. In your defense, you had no idea he was going to get hurt. It's not like he had a track record of injury. Oh wait, yes he did. When you first signed him I was so excited I couldn't sleep but now he's just another excuse for a .500 record. What you, The Tribune Company, needs to realize is that we don't care why the Cubs aren't winning. All we care about is that we have three people starting that should be either playing at AA or pumping my gas. You have to realize that we look at our sad little lives and see these people on TV that make more money for a single at-bat that most of us make in a year. We don't care if their arm is bruised or if they're having back spams. We want to see some tough guys suck it up and go back the next day to earn their $14 million/year contracts. You ask us to spend our precious money to watch your prized ponies run and we do. All we ask in return is that they earn their money. That's it.




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