Notorious CHO | 04/22/05

I don't understand how sites can be made entirely in flash. Don't get me wrong--I love Flash and I really enjoy using it but come on. Surely at some point you have to think, "Wow, I'm on layer 257 and only on frame 2". I guess if you don't use flash you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Jack is back in town and I went over around 10am after dropping Jamie off at the airport for her weekend with her Grandma in Ohio. I spent the afternoon making HTML tables where only single columns resized when you changed the screen size. Tomorrow I'm going to sit down with one of my JavaScript books to see if I can make a navigation bar that follows you as you scroll down the screen. I personally don't care for those at all but we'll see.

I went over to Chris and Mike's around 9pm. I caught the end of a Trivial Pursuit game, ate some specially-made mashed potatoes and watched the first half of Margaret Cho's Notorious C.H.O.. She was funnier than I remembered but that really doesn't say much. I drove Mike's former roommate Brad home then came back and slept for nine hours. Wowee.




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