Final Fantasy III | 01/17/04

My nerdyness will have to take a temporary hiatus now that I finished Final Fantasy III. I really liked playing it but the end was a little too easy. I had set aside a good half hour to kill the last boss but he died on the first try and didn't even kill any of my four guys. I didn't even have any of the walkthrough secret weapons. Oh well. I cleaned most of my house yesterday, leaving only my bedroom as a pit. The living room needs to be vacuumed still and the floor of the kitchen needs to be mopped (replaced) but other than that I wouldn't be embarrassed to have people over. Speaking of which, Chris and Mike came over after Mike's TSO concert. Jamie and Chris went but I stayed home to get things done so I'd have less to do today and Monday. One of the things I accomplished was making some atonal clocks, which you are free to use for when you feel like doing some atonal analysis! The top clips off a little bit if you print it out but it's still very legible and will get the job done. I also made an axis list as the bottom in case anyone has discovered the long-cut of doing axes of inversion. Today I need to go to the library to do my bibliography homework. I wish someone MLK day could fall on a Tuesday instead of Monday. I'd much rather get to miss one class than six. I need to send an email to "the guys" about playing some basketball tomorrow. I need the exercise. I also set up this page to record the locations of the people that visit.. Hello Romania and Hermosa Beach!




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