Webcam Installation | 04/27/05

What a long day. Jack found an interesting article in the Democrat. For me, when I'm stage any sort of nerves simply aren't there. Some people I know puke their guts out first and they perform really well too. I think the study will show simply that no two people cope with high-performance stress the same way. Personally, I have much more stress working "normal" jobs than playing in front of 10,000 people but that's just me. At least on stage there are bodyguards between you and the people paying you.

I spent most of yesterday in a Photoshop forest machete'ing my way through dense forests of layers and 1 pixel wide pencils. In other news, more copies of my Concerto for Pan and Orchestra have sold. I'm not sure where all the interest came but I'm certainly not going to complain.

Jamie and I went over to her parents' house for dinner and I installed their new webcam. I need a haircut. After dinner we met up with Chris N' Mike N' Friends at Leon Pub to celebrate the birthday of one of Chris' labmates. In other news, I feel old.





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