Destin-ation | 05/01/05

For our 2 year anniversary Jamie and I went to Destin for the weekend. Theory-Chris was kind enough to stay with Die Chomp. The drive down was uneventful and our room had an ocean view. Sort of. If you stood on the balcony and leaned way over you could indeed see a tiny sliver of ocean. The next day it poured rain and we foolishly drove through pools halfway-up the car to get to the Outlet Mall. We didn't have any food so we didn't have much of a choice. By the time we were finished and had gone to Winn-Dixie to get supplies for dinner the roads were nearly free of water. It was pretty amazing that they got 3' ponds off the roads in a matter of hours. We can't do that in Tallahassee with 3" of water. We ended up going out to dinner at this place where all the Destin-prom-kids were. We got burnt on the beach yesterday (even me!) and we sadly did not find any conchs the size of my arm--my whole reason for going. We did find a shark's head on the beach though. I think a fisherman caught one, cut off the head and left it there for the birds, which did a pretty mediocre job picking it clean. We made great time on the ride back with plenty of breathing room for Desperate Housewives/Family Guy night. Steve had already sent me a copy of the first Family Guy so I watched DH instead with the upstairs TV on Fox to make sure FG got the ratings it deserved.




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