Happy Belated Birthday Mark! | 05/02/05

Happy belated birthday Mark.

Man, did I get smoked in poker tonight. Was it cocky to assume that my poker winnings would always count towards my monthly income? Perhaps. Theory-Chris was our big winner tonight. We were joined by Elena and her husband...hmm. I need to assign him an adjective-Chris name. Well, I guess I have no choice but assign him to be Poker-Chris, since that's the only context I know him in. Sure, I could choose Marine-Chris or Corvette-Chris but odds are we won't have another poker Chris when I might very well meet a Marine-Chris or Corvette-Chris.

Anyway, Theory-Chris and Elena battled it out while Poker-Chris, Jamie and I were eliminated in a relatively short amount of time and had to settle for drinking the Champagne of Beers. Oh, work sucked. That's all.




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