10,000 Hits | 05/03/05

With 46 hits today, I finally reached the 10,000 hit count. I'm sure the count isn't exact--since it didn't start until the middle of January 2004 but at the same time, that probably equals out the number of Mike-hits. I can't believe it--and all of it without the Trippi method. Sorry...inside joke.

I got a lot done today. I helped Kathy move her crap over to London Town and she bought us lunch at Quiznos but not before yelling at me over some stupid box. I had a meeting at 1:30 which went smoothly and then trotted over to the bank and to install Win2PDF on Jerry's machine. (It's really a handy program). I met up with Chris and Mike for some late-night coffee and well, here I am.




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