Scenes From The Dog Park | 01/16/04

I love Fridays. I admit to not being the greatest atonal theorist in the world. Or this half of the world. Or even on my half of the class but I like that class. I like it a lot. I screwed up my homework again last night. Stupid Joe Straus and his stupid bad examples. I learned a lot in class today. I feel like after each class a door leading to the soul of atonal theory has been opened. I have officially disregarded the bad things said about Dr. Rogers now. I think she's great. She has not quite attained Evan Jones status but anything is possible. Her giving the proofs for everything makes all the difference in the world. She really needs to sit down and write a new textbook. I'm sure Joe Straus is a great guy and he might even be a phenomenal teacher but his writing style just is not conducive to learning the material. It might be ok for people like Alex that already know how to do things but I would be willing to be a Dr. Rogers book would be much better. Now, back to my usual complaining. I hate the guy in class next to me. I don't know what his name is but he always looks annoyed when someone asks a question. Well excuse us for wasting your time. After class I hung out with Rob and Theory-Chris for a little while and Rob regaled us with some clever jokes and made a case for going to SMT Southeast. It's in Atlanta and I'd like to go but I don't want to leave Chompy. This afternoon Jamie and I went to the dog park. There was this emo couple there with their bratty dog, Zero. It had a head the size of Chompy's but its body was like a basset hound. Its ugly looks aside it tried to be tough and beat up on The Ab. As if this wasn't irritating enough, it barked. Constantly. Its owners didn't do anything about the beatings or the barking, which was irritating. Once it gave up on Ab, it decided to "play" with Chompy. It walks right up to her and lets out two barks right in Chompy's face. Well, on Chompy's Top Ten Things I Hate List either #2 or #3 is dogs barking in her face. Before the dog could fully emit the second bark Chompy bared her teeth, let out a "I'm going to kill you Ab" growl and grabbed it. As Chompy dragged it down, I snatched her by her collar. Sense their dog was about to die, the male emo kid came over and says, "Ah, she's all bark and no bite." I look at him and say something like "ok". What I was thinking, though, amounted the fact that he thought HIS dog was somehow scaring mine, which made me laugh aloud. Picture me, yelling in Hulk Hogan's face. My mom then walks up and says to him, "Don't worry--he just likes to yell." As if I could possibly inflict any harm to Hulk Hogan. I'm sure all three of us would have a good laugh at that. After that any time the barker came over a subtle growl and teeth bare was enough to have it running away. Once they left another dog appeared. It was a Chow mix with no tags and no owners (so we thought). It insisted on humping Ab. Incessantly. For at least an hour this dog tried to hump Ab. And when it wasn't trying to hump her, it was standing on her stomach. Jamie eventually found the owners, a couple of college students but she didn't say anything to them. We then went to PetSmart where some woman gave Chompy a dirty look for standing in her way. I didn't see it but Jamie told me. On our way out, Jamie said, "that's the woman" within earshot and I said, "Yeah, those shoes ARE ugly". I know it wasn't very witty but I didn't think of "Yeah, that's definitely cellulite" until after we had reached the car. After that, we ate some ice cream and I took a nap. Chris and Mike came over for a little while tonight. Tomorrow I need to do laundry. Like, crazy laundry. Woo, crazy laundry.




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