Hoopla | 05/10/05

Hoopla is so much fun. Are we nerds for playing games with poorly drawn animations on the box? Maybe. But it's still fun. What's nice about Hoopla is that it's a team game. If you lose, everyone loses. Sure, there's the inter-team squabbling but at least everyone goes home a winner. And for only $16 you can't beat it.

Oh, look at me. I'm some bitch with the license plate X86 KFZ. My piece of shit boyfriend yelled for me to "just go ahead and park in that empty one" even though I don't live here. My 1998 LeBaron fit very nicely into that spot. The guy behind me? Well who gives a shit about him--not me, that's for sure. What do you mean it's his spot--just because it's the one in front of his apartment? Why should I let him park there--because he pays rent? Hah! That's a stupid reason. My 19 year old boyfriend and I have to go shoot up and then get it on because soon we're not gonna be able to hump--I'm pregnant at 18. You really think I give a shit that you have a ton of stuff to bring inside? Tough--carry it on from the other side of the lake--what the hell do I care? I'm just a stupid bitch so I should park in your spot. And I'm fat.

-Stupid Bitch whose boyfriend lives in B4.




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