Starbucks | 05/11/05

Today was one of those days. Even though I got a solid seven hours of sleep last night and took a nap this afternoon I'm still tired. The molto-enormo-latte from Starbucks that I just drank didn't help much either and I'm probably going to go to bed despite it only being 11pm. On a normal night I'd stay up for another three hours and work but I'm just so tired. All my current projects are big and I don't really feel like working on any of them.

As I told Chris on the ride back from Starbucks I've had this recurring dream where I go to the Hebrides Islands. I've been having it since about November of last year. The place always looks the same and I could probably draw it perfectly assuming I had any sort of artistic ability. In the dreams I'm always in Orkney, which isn't part of the Hebrides but for some reason in the dream that's considered part of the island chain. It's always winter in the dream and I wouldn't consider going any time that it wasn't in the heart of winter. What makes all of this so weird is that I know nothing about Scotland nor its islands. My conscious brain has never heard of Orkney and would have only the most general idea as to where the Hebrides would be. I don't know where all this magical information was learned. Certianly not from Desperate Housewives, which knocks out television influence. NPR? The National Geographics in my bathroom? I don't think so. It's just there. The strangest part is this sense of need to go. I'm not sure why it all seems so familiar to me but it does. It's not like I have any family from there so even if there were angry spirits looking for me to do something they wouldn't be from anyone I know. It's just weird. I really don't think I'm insane though...even if I have priced trips out.




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