Crazy Old Man Jack: Part III | 05/12/05

I need to convert these pages to php.

I bought a couple new fish today after having lunch with Chris. They're in the big tank downstairs. One looks poisonous even though the guy at the store said it wasn't. It's got all these crazy spikes. When I was dumping him into the tank he got stuck and I refused to touch him in case he was going to shoot venom into me. I just kept shaking the bag until he plunked less-than-gracefully into the slate wall. Nice way to treat a $28 fish.

In other news my coworker Kelly should be canonized for taking care of Jack. Honestly, if I were a more violent person I would have punched him today. I'm not sticking up for him when other people he considers "colleagues" roll their eyes and make fun of him when he's not around. I'm also charging for every second of my time now--no more gift calls or emails. And most importantly, I'm not going to clean up after him when he humiliates himself in front of strangers that he alienates. I certainly won't instigate trouble but I'm not going to protect him from it




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