Desperate Housewives | 05/15/05

How is May half-over? I feel like this year just started yet it's almost half-over. I feel like I've been out of school for maybe a summer instead of a year. Last night I was looking at Ph.D schools. All of them want the GRE. I took it before grad school and did really well on the math and analytical. With a verbal score in the high 500's I know I'd have to take it again if I wanted a reasonable chance of being accepted. The problem is that the analytical section is now gone, replaced by (gag) a writing section. It's no secret I'm not a terribly good writer and I would much rather solve problems than write about how to solve problems. Oh well. I'm sure I can get in somewhere.

I can't believe Desperate Housewives is almost over. At least in a week I'll have my Sundays free again. Right now we've been taping Family Guy and watching DH. The Family Guy episodes have been ok--just different. Like, you've been listening to Led Zeppelin I through IV and then *bam* Houses of Holy. Yeah, it's great but at the same time you can't help but wonder why it's so different.




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