Music Bibliography | 01/15/04

I hate Thursdays so much. That's probably why I'm writing this a day late. I got to the computer lab ok to teach but the computers decided not to let anyone new access the network. That sucked. I cancelled my 11:15 class because it just would have wasted their time. I felt badly for the 9:05 kids since they just had to endure me getting angry when they could have been sleeping. I don't blame them one bit. I blew $84 at Beethoven & Overpriced my favorite Tallahassee music store. It's not that they don't do a good job there but the prices are absolutely ridiculous. Had I not had to have the book I would have waited it out for the $68 one I found online. Financial aid came in and after making a complete idiot out of myself at SouthTrust (NOT NOT NOT to be confused with SunTrust despite their almost identical logos) I finally made it to SunTrust and back to Bank of America to deposit the moolah. After that I came home for a brief moment with the pit and then went to Music Bibliography. We had an online tour, much like we had with Dr. Jones. The girl in front of Meg and I made a great (and I mean GREAT) picture in MS Paint instead of going through the library look-up program that we've been using for three years. Ah, busy work. I ran home, walked the pup and then went back for the Music of the Caribbean class. I (literally) slept through most of it because we watched a video. Well, three videos. I forgot what undergrad classes are like. I'm sure my professor saw me sleeping even though I have a cushy seat in the back but to be honest, I don't care. After waking up I went to rehearsal. Rehearsal was ok--I always seem to forget that the first week of the semester consists of playing pieces that are fourth-grade level. When I think back to my first days, though, I was grateful to see those easy ones scheduled. Now, though, I'm annoyed that I have to stand there. I just cannot be happy! After rehearsal Jamie and I tried to make chicken soup but the milk was a day old and it came out in long, sinewy strands so we ordered pizza. Jamie went to some lame-o undergrad party while I stayed home like a nerd-o and did my Atonal homework. I screwed up again but I'll save that for the Friday entry. Around 3ish I finally went to bed.

In other news, the small group of us that plays the gigs has decided to become official. I'm still not entirely sure what this entails but as a more autonomous body I can demand the $300/hr we deserve. There are a couple downsides and other odds and ends with which I am not completely satisfied but I think everything will work out.




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