Desperate Housewives Predictions | 05/22/05

I can't believe it's over.

Jamie and I went over to Elena and Poker-Chris' for dinner. Elena made some killer stuffed burgers. Jamie said she took good notes but I don't think she did. At 8:55 we settled in for the finale of Desperate Housewives. I think they did an excellent job of balancing the suspense of no new episodes for three months and answering enough questions to keep you involved. What I didn't not like was the fact the hour-long episode was about 4 minutes of show and 56 of commercials. It seems like they'd show a scene and then immediately cut to a LONG set of commercials. I know they're just trying to squeeze every penny from the advertisers but come on. We came up with a lot of good speculation including that Zach-Dana is Mike's kid. It all makes sense but wouldn't they have picked a better looking actor for Zack? Both Mike and Deidre are really good looking so how could they have such a homely kid? Maybe it was the drugs. Poker-Chris accurately called Rex's death. I personally was rooting for Mrs. Huber's sister but she was only bludgeoned and not killed. I'll miss Rex. He was such a flip-flopper between loving and hating Bree.

What's going on with the new black family? Is that the wife and kid of Paul Young's investigator? I know, I know, I'm only saying that because they're all black but it's not like we've seen any other non-whites on the show. Ah, suburbia. Speaking of Paul, how the hell is he going to get out of the desert? Here are more of my questions:

1) How is Paul going to get out of the desert?

2) Is Zack going to shoot Susan with Mike taking the bullet or visa-versa?

3) Is Julie going to be kidnapped by her dad?

4) Is Bree going to be convicted of murder since all signs point to her messing with Rex's pills? If so, will he get together with Carlos in jail and have a baby?

5) Seriously, how happy will Lynette be now that she's away from those kids? How long can Tom stand being at home? With all that free time is he going to bang someone other than Lynette?




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