Fish Frenzy | 05/25/05

It's true, today was a fish frenzy. Since My Boyfriend died a few days ago the algae was starting to become a problem in the office tank I decided to get a new suckfish. To prevent the swarm-to-death problem I had with My Boyfriend I decided to spend a little extra money to get a Chris Rix sized suckfish. My New Boyfriend was about 6" (eek!) so I figured no problem. Wrong! Within the first 15 minutes the convicts had eaten his eyes. If you've never seen something bleed underwater it's pretty gross. He seemed to be doing ok...well, for like another 15 minutes and then they finished him off. That sucks. I suspect he was sick when I got him because he really should have been able to fend off the other fish since he was twice their size.

Michael decided to abandon his tank-dreams so I inherited a number of new fish. They're all resting comfortable in the bedroom tank except for the suckfish, "W". He's in the living room with the three other suckfish and seems to be doing well. He already cleaned off a rock. Nice job. I gave Chris about 40 books to put on Amazon since he and Michael have been so successful selling things. Even if they sell for $3/each that's not a bad haul for things just taking up room in my closet. I figure if they all sell within a reasonable amount of time the four of us (+Jamie) can go out for a really nice dinner somewhere. Nice. Real nice.




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