Dead Raphael | 05/26/05

Damn! As I was crawling into bed I saw the bloated body of my prized stripped-Raphael resting face up in the basement of the hollow castle. I think he got too fat and stuck in the narrow passageways. Once the other fish saw he was helpless they failed to bring him food and he died. He started to decay and floated right out now though. Poor little guy. Let that be a lesson to me not to buy nocturnal fish--they're too hard to check up on.

Tonight we met up with Chris and Mike for coffee. This conversation actually started last time I was there but here's something terrible:

Let's say you're living in the middle ages as a chicken farmer or something. Someplace way out in the country. You're there, eeking out a modest life off the land when some lackey for the King comes to tell you you're now in the Army and to report to some city with armor and weapons. Yeah, you're pretty pissed. So your wife takes all the metal around the house to make you some armor. You show up to fight with your rake and you see all the other guys in their real armor. Reaching down to tug at your chicken wire outfit all you can do is rub your eyes and say, "Dammit".

Man, that was hysterical a couple nights ago. I can't say really why except that...well, I can't say why at all. It was funny, though. At least to Michael and me. Chris and Jamie didn't find it funny at all. I guess you had to be there. In the Crusades.




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