MLB TV | 05/27/05

Well it's official. After wasting $15/mo to watch my beloved Cubs there's just no point. Arguably our best pitcher fractured his arm today on a line drive. What they didn't show, since he collapsed into a big white-striped heap, was that the 3rd baseman made a really amazing catch after it knocked out our ace. Anyway, our season is officially over. With the Cardinals already eight games ahead of us in first and with a bevy of better teams in line for the lone Wild Card spot, we're done; at least for this year. It's my only hope that the Cubs don't have a massive fire sale--I don't see a good reason for them to do so since it's not like they're bad because the current players are overpaid and suck--just overpaid and hurt. Ah, next year.

Jamie and I had "date night" tonight. After a romantic dinner at Ruby Tuesdays we got some painting supplies and got to work. Neither of our projects turned out to be very good but that doesn't mean we can't put them on eBay. Tomorrow we're hitting some big estate sales to find some books to put on Amazon. Maybe by the end of this summer Chris, Mike, Jamie and I will be able to buy a commune-style house with the money.




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