Happy Birthday Chris! | 01/14/04

Happy Birthday Chris!

Today was another slow day. I did not do very well on my Atonal homework as I predicted. Curse you Professor X from UWM. Learn your terms before you attempt to "teach". I think Dr. Rogers is great regardless of some horror stories. Alex did well on his homework so I guess I will have to ask him for help in the future. Maybe I can give him some composition lessons or something. Break him out of that Spanish style. This afternoon I read a book written by a less witty version of a female David Sedaris. It's pretty good for killing time and is way better than the other stuff I should be reading. Speaking of David Sedaris, Jamie got me the complete books on tape for Christmas. I thought it would be great but his voice is arguably the most annoying voice I've ever heard. Picture Fran Drescher(?) as a very gay man and that's David Sedaris. For some reason I pictured him to have a very masculine voice but his stories he always makes it sound like he's the more effeminate one between him and his boyfriend so I guess I should have seen my disappointment coming. This evening we celebrated Chris' birthday. I saw a couple of my students from last semester as well as Miranda. We got some good gossiping in because Jamie and I had never seen a couple of these people before and even though Chris referred to them as 'cute' well, they weren't. One of them looked like a Cyclops because her eyes were so close together. From here in, I'm calling her Clops. This other girl looked like she was swimming and two fisherman had simultaneously hooked her by her eyelids. Poor girls. I am not looking forward to tomorrow because I hate Thursdays. I might start weight training Chompy to enter a weight-pulling contest. The record in her weight class (50-59lbs) is a little over TWO TONS. I'm not sure what she can pull right now but I predict that she could tow a WV Bus back to my apartment if we were on a walk and someone set off a firework. And at the same time she was tied to a VW Bus. In neutral.




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