More Starbucks | 05/28/05

Hey--what are you doing right now? Bowing down before my poker greatness? Well that's very kind of you.

I spent the afternoon repotting my new plants. They're looking pretty good--at least better than the dead stalks that were living there before. I've been tinkering with the idea of redoing one of my sites in all flash. I think the hardest part is getting the navigation to do what you want. Anyway, it took six hours later and I was finally able to get a button where the action kept going once your mouse left the area. Baby steps.

I had coffee with Chris and was able to talk him into coming to play poker...sorta. He made some pepperoni loaf for us which, while delicious, means the bar is now too high for me to ever serve stale Cheezits again. With Brian and Liz not there to slow us down, we flew through the game in less than two hours. Matt and Michael came over later and Jamie and I showed them the basics. Michael has the potential to be good but Matt...well, yeah--in his defense I have a sneaking suspicion he wasn't really trying. Jamie and I predict next week's winner to be: Elena. Why? She's due for some better luck.




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